I Messed Up !!

Hi everyone , I Messed Up .

The three words are precisely common these days.

Well most of the time this word is used with reference to mistake we make during a task or in a conversation .

So I had a very close encounter with this mess , so last year we started our college life.

And one of my friends had a crush on a girl but somehow initially everything was going south for my friend .

By south I mean that he saw up close sitting next to his crush, someone proposing her .

I think you all are/ were familiar with this feeling. But if you don’t, let me tell you it’s like you are walking right in center of moving traffic with blindfold .

But somehow that day all the charm of luck was with him .

And he decided to talk to him .

things were going well for my friend but at some point he just shot himself in the face by discontinuing to talk to her .

And this resulted in both of the individuals not able to stand each other.

So have you ever seen some thing like this .

If yes do comment and share this blog .


Activities that can help you know the better of you !

Hi there, being in my youth I also know that we youngsters are not able to commit to a particular task for a long time .

This often lead’s to instability in every task .

Usually we take up the task due to making impulsive decision making process and afterwards we regret our actions .

TBH , I myself take impulsive decisions and now I have started regretting :p

But I know what makes me feel calm like painting.

Painting is much more than a simple activity. It is a way for different types of people to express themselves in their own special way.

Painting can also help people use their senses, express emotion, explore process and outcomes, explore color, and create aesthetically pleasing works and experiences.

Other things like dancing ,music and photography can also help in recreation and finding a stability in decision making.

New to wordpress/blogging !!

Hi there !!

So today I saw some videos of my idol , Mr. Elon Musk and I was kind of moved that he started from so low and now all the world just keep observing him .

So I decided to start something for myself , and half n hour later here I am writing something :p

So my focus is to connect with all the readers here and my blogs will be like me and you ordinary .

But we’ll focus on many fields like Fashion, Science , Arts , Politics , Business etc .

So thank you for being here and reading with me.

~ Adios

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